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When your home or business floods due to inside or outside water you should now be looking into flood restoration and water mitigation. What is flood restoration? It is the process of restoring your property to its original state before the damage occurred while also diminishing the possibility of further damage and eliminating health risks from mold growth and other harmful contaminants. There are a wide array of tactics and procedures used to achieve a successful restoration and depending on the cause of your flood, you may be able to handle some of these tasks on your own. It is always recommended to get a professional opinion to determine the severity of your issue but first, let’s dive further into the types of water loss to help you understand what you are dealing with and what flood restoration might entail for you.

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Water Damage Restoration

Flood damage can be devastating and is usually unexpected, but just remember to stay calm and put safety first. Get your family and pets out of harms way immediately and then start assessing the problem while you wait for a professional to assist you.


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Water Damage Repair & Flood Restoration

When you encounter water damage that requires flood restoration one of the first steps to mitigating your problem may be water extraction. Especially if your home or business is built over a crawl space, there is incredible potential for copious amounts of water to go unnoticed and accumulate. Regardless of where water is located, if it is standing for extended periods of time it becomes increasingly harmful to the materials it comes in contact with and the risk of mold, fungal, and bacterial growth becomes exponential with each passing day. Depending on the category of water that has found its way into your property (clean, grey or black water) you may need to take extra precautions to remain unharmed from contaminants before coming in contact with these elements. If you are dealing with clean water than you should be able to extract it without much concern to your health but when dealing with grey or black water the extraction process likely requires gloves, goggles, respirators and even a hazmat (hazardous material) suit to ensure your safety and to remove the likelihood of exposure to harmful particles. This process is the same, no matter what size or scope the job entails. We also used advanced mold remediation techniques and specialized equipment to evaluate potential recurrences of mold from water damages. Restorations LA relies on the most advanced tools available for detection of water sources that facilitate mold. We take time to isolate impacted areas with a negative air pressure chambers, so nothing is left to chance.

In all cases, we guarantee fast mold cleanup and restoration work.

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