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After you have encountered water or fire damage on your property there will come a time when you are ready for the final reconstruction process. Our team understands that water and fire damage can devastate a home or property and we utilize a wide range of techniques and technologies so homes and businesses can be restored to the conditions prior to the damage causing events.

An abrupt evaluation, cleanup and restoration is essential in this process. Therefore, Restorations LA employs a number of contractors and specialists in order to reconstruct your damaged property in a way that is tailored to your needs.

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The Restoration & Rebuild Process

Here is the general process to properly drying a flooded home, business, or any property effected by water damager of flooding.


Determine the Scope of Work

You are the one with the vision of how your property looked previous to damage so keep in mind the way you would like it to be restored and remember the process may take longer than expected. If your flood or natural disaster caused a significant amount of damage you may be looking to remodel certain aspects of the affected areas. Try to grasp the full breadth of the project ahead of you and keep an open mind to changes that may need to be made if certain specified materials cannot be replaced exactly as they were before.

Find Your Contractor

There is always more than one option when it comes to rebuilding and it may be best to get multiple quotes from different contractors before starting any construction in your home. Take the time to check reviews or just get to know your contractors specialties in order to make sure they can properly assist you through this process.

Be Patient

Depending on the type of flooring, baseboard, trim, molding, wallpaper, paint or texture the process may require extra time just to retrieve these materials even before installing them. Furthermore, if your restoration requires cabinetry and countertop recovery this may cause additional time to be added to the process.

Restoration & Rebuild

Our methods are based on a Restoration versus Replacement mindset.

This means, Restorations LA would rather restore a fire damaged property with proper equipment and high tech cleaning, rather than the more costly replacement of these materials being charged to the customer. Besides a saving of money for the client, restoration is usually the best way to avoid interruptive time delays and allows customers to get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Restoration & Rebuild Cost

If you are paying out of pocket, make sure to shop around and find competitive prices through different companies and prepare yourself to invest significantly into the reconstruction of your home. If your insurance company is handling the costs then you may only need to pay your deductible which typically ranges from $500 – $5,000 depending on your policy.


Our Water Damage Restoration Services are available throughout Los Angeles California, including:

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