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When water damage extends beyond the structural materials of your home, you may find your personal belongings at risk. Restorations LA offers emergency property restoration and pack-out services from compassionate and personable professionals. We will remove any personal belongings that may have been damaged or have the potential for saturation before they are beyond repair.

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Content Pack Out Process

Protecting your furnishings and belongings is an integral part in the restoration process, that's why we prioritize a quick and efficient pack out for all of your salvageable property. We make sure that each item is documented, dried, packaged, stored and returned as quickly and carefully as possible. Here's our process:



It’s important for all valuables and other belongings to be removed once exposed to water, not only to prevent further damage to these items but also to grant access to any drywall, flooring, and other building materials that require the full scale restoration process. Wood and other furniture constructed of porous materials are highly conducive to mold growth and thus should not be left to absorb any water, especially if the water is grey or black water. All clothing and any other salvageable belongings are likely to require removal to reduce the chance of damage throughout the flood and disaster mitigation process.


Once these items have been removed they should be stored in a covered and possibly climate controlled area to ensure the quality of these items doesn’t diminish over time. If there is unused or extra space within the home or property that can accommodate these items then that may be the best place for them until the restoration is completed. In the event of a large scale pack out, it may be best to get a Pod or rent a local storage facility in order to ensure the safety of these items.


When the water damage and extraction process is taken care of then you are ready to return the furniture and content to its original place in your home or property. If you find that some of these items need repair or restoration before returning them then it may be necessary to find a specialist to properly get them back to their original state.


If you have encountered a flood or water damage on your property, you may be asking yourself what to do about your furniture and other belongings. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be in need of content pack out services.

What is content pack out and when is it necessary?

To put it plainly, a pack out service is executed in order to remove items from a property that have been damaged by a flood or other major disasters and a proper pack out consists of three simple steps; retrieval, storage, and restoration.

How We Help

  • Full assessment of contents condition
  • State-of-the-art protection methods
  • Short- and long-term climate-controlled storage
  • Full pack back and reset services

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Content Pack-Out & Removal Cost

Content pack out cost range depending on the amount of items needing to be removed and stored from your home after a flood has occured. Also keep in mind the amount of time that your items will require storage, and whether or not they will require climate controlled storage. These factors will contribute to the overall cost of your content  pack out.

If the insurance company is covering the cost of your entire flood restoration process including the content pack out, then you will only be required to pay your deductible and these are typically in the range of $500-$1000 depending on your insurance policy.


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