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At Restorations LA, customer service is our core value. We treat every home or business like our own and make your comfort and understanding our first priority. Drying & Dehumidification issues can be overwhelming to manage on your own. With our equipment, knowledge and experience we’re here to help you get your property dry and safe as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Drying & Dehumidification Process

Here is the general process to properly drying a flooded home or business, or any property affected by water damage of flooding.


Determine Equipment Needed


Deploy Industrial Fans & Dehumidifiers


Monitor Progress


Inspect For Further Moisture & Mold

Drying & Dehumidification

Restorations LA will manipulate temperature & relative humidity to remove moisture. We use specialized equipment, including industrial air movers & dehumidifiers, to remove water retained by building materials & other hard-to-access moisture.

What To Expect

  • Use of Industrial Air Movers & Dehumidifiers
  • Use of monitoring equipment to track progress
  • Monitoring floors and walls throughout drying process.

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Drying & Dehumidification Cost

The cost of a proper drying and dehumidification of your property will vary depending on the size and severity of your water damage. Generally you will need one fan or industrial air mover for every ten linear feet of exposed surfaces and one industrial dehumidifier for each effected room. The cost of these machines is approximately $33.00 for each fan for one day rental and $75.00 to $100.00 for each dehumidifier per day depending on the size of dehumidifier needed.

Industrial grade HEPA filters are highly suggested when the presence of mold is suspected and these machines cost around $150.00 per day. Typically all of this equipment can be discounted for longer term rentals and some rental companies may offer deals and price matching depending on availability. With these prices in mind, assume that you will need to use these machines for at least four 24 hour periods as that is the length of time usually needed to properly dry out modern building materials that have been exposed to water.


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